Relevant links

Relevant links from my current work:

The Theatre Museum at the Court Theatre (Copenhagen)

The homepage of The Theatre Museum at The Court Theatre (Copenhagen) with activities, exhibitions and webpublications:

Relevant links from my previous work:

Suject specialist library homepage (performing arts)

Dramaturgy and other scenic arts at The Royal Library, Copenhagen: 

Subject theatre specialist library homepage:

Dramaturgy and other scenic arts at The Royal Library (Copenhagen University Library): 

Other relevant links:

The publisher Dance Books Ltd., London:
here to order my books, piano scores and Bournonville-video directly from the English publisher/dealer 

Princeton Book Company, Publishers, New Jersey, USA:
here to order my Bournonville-books, -piano scores and -video directly from the American dealer 

The Drama Collection at The Royal Library (Copenhagen): nb/mta/dra/index.html 

Theatre Collections at The Royal Library (Copenhagen): /samling/dra/index.html 

August Bournonville´s homepage:

Bartholin International Ballet Seminar, now Royal Danish Ballet - Summerschool: